Friday, July 29, 2011

Spree 2!

Here's the 2nd spree!
I will place an order when I get a minimum of 10 orders.
*Mix orders from spree 1 and 2 are allowed.
*Contact me by email at /leave a msg on the tagboard/sms/call.
*Prices include normal postage, top up S$2.50 for registered post.
(Overseas transactions postage not included, S$2 discount applies)
*Meet up available at Sembawang MRT station (S$2 will be deducted from price for meet up)

Product Code: BT-10151
Price: S$ 38

Product Code: DB-10247

Price: S$ 47

Product Code: DB-10243

Price: S$ 53

Product Code: DB-10261

Price: S$50

Product Code: DB-10246

Price: S$ 63

Product Code: BT-10158

Price: S$ 40

Product Code: DB-10242

Price: S$ 36

Product Code: DB-10260

Price: S$45

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