Dresses (Korea)

These are dresses made in Korea, they only come in one size, with measurements shown in the diagrams. If you have any enquires or would like to order any of the clothes, please contact me at 90492735.
*Other colours available: I do not have the stocks in hand, but if you are interested, do contact me and I can help you check if it's available.

Item No: D1-001
Colour: Khaki
*Other colours available: Grey, Ivory, Black
Material: Cotton 100%

Price: S$45
(More suitable for sizes L-XL)

Item No: D1-002
Colour: Grey
* Other colours available: Brown
Material: Cotton 100%

Price: S$45

Model is about 1.58m tall, M size

Item No: D1-003
Colour: White+Navy
*Other colours available: Nil
Material: Arcyl 40%, Cotton 60%

Price: S$50
(Please take note that this is a knitted dress, therefore it's a little thick, suitable for cold weathers)

Item No: D2-005
Colour: Mint
*Other colours available: black
Material: Cotton 100%

Price: S$ 38

Item No: J2-001
Colour: Sky Blue
*Other colours available: Deep Blue (Out of stock)
Material: Cotton 100%

Price: S$ 60

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